Nightfood Has Been Named The Official Ice Cream
of the American Pregnancy Association
  • Massive Demand: Ice cream is the #1 pregnancy craving
  • Large, Dynamic Market: There are over 3,000,000 pregnant women in the US at any given time.  Each day, over 10,000 new women enter the demographic
  • Rapidly Growing Distribution: In the last 6 months, Nightfood ice cream has announced distribution in divisions of both Kroger (Harris Teeter) and Albertsons (Jewel-Osco)
  • Motivated & Proactive Customer Base: Pregnant women already make instant lifestyle more wine, no more sushi...can choosing the recommended ice cream of the American Pregnancy Association become part of that list?
  • ​Doctors Recommending:  Obstetricians discuss diet and nutrition with their patients.  Now they can recommend a healthier option for commonly-experienced ice cream cravings.
  • ​Powerful Word-of-Mouth:  Communication among pregnant women has never been faster or easier.  Delicious ice cream that's healthier for mom and baby...and even has ingredients to fight heartburn...they're already sharing!!

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